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Patient Review:      01/02/2013

I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Zubkina. She has the lightest touch for cleanings, injections, and fillings. She listens and cares about patient comfort and well being. I've referred abput a dozen friends to Dr. Zubkina, and they all agree she's the best. The staff is also friendly and competent.

Treatment length 20+ years

Patient Review : 08/29/2012

  Dr. Zubkina's service is excellent. She is friendly, offers painless cleanings, and is totally non-judgemental! Her staff is also top-notch...

Treatment length with Dr. Zubkina 5 years.

Patient Review :            07/17/2012

  Dr. Zubkina is a very professional and caring dentist. She is patient and I have been going to her for years for various dental procedures.

Treatment length with Dr. Zubkina: 10 years.

Patient Review:                01/22/1012

  I've had several dentists in my life, but Dr. Zubkina is easily the best. She is friendly, knows how to put patients at ease, efficient, and honest.

Patient Review :            04/27/2011

  She is simply the best dentist I have ever been to and I'm 67 years old. Ethical, competent, pleasant, nice office

Patient Review :             04/20/2011

  Dr. Zubkina is very nice and competent. She makes you feel relaxed and secure. The session is painless and she uses adequate amount of painkiller and notices any little sign of discomfort. The best dentist experience ever.

Treatment length with Dr. Zubkina: 3 years.

Patient Review :              07/26/2009

  Two appointments: cleaning/check-up, and two very small fillings. Dr. Zubkina is excellent - no anesthetic for the fillings, she promised me I wouldn't feel a thing and I certainly didn't. Not even discomfort, let alone pain. She did almost all of the initial exam herself, i.e. not the hygienist. I got straight in for my appointments, no waiting for hours. Overall she's a great dentist, very competent. Highly recommended.

Treatment length with Dr. Zubkina: 1 week.

Patient Review :                 1/30/2009

  My deep-seated irrational fear of the dental chair is almost cured (can't ever competely loose it, I suppose)! The doctor is gentle, professional, as quick as possible and as slow and understanding as necessary.

Treatment lenght with Dr. Zubkina: 10 years.

Patient Review :                  05/27/2008

  I was referred to Dr. Zubkina by a friend, and I've since referred over 12 people to her. She is the gentlest dentist I've ever been to, and she checks in with you constantly to make sure she's not hurting you or making you uncomfortable. My root canal was completely painless and my crown has been in for about a year with no problem at all.

Patient Review :                  12/28/2006

  She is AMAZING! She has been my dentist for 10 years. I am so scared of needles and she makes the process completely painless! She tells you to close your eyes and take a deep breath. She is extremely patient and her experience speaks for itself. She is sweet and gentle. Her staff is also wonderful. The office is easily accessable and is very clean. You will not be disappointed...

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